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If you're getting concerned that you may not have enough experience, don't stress! We're looking for participants from all fields and stages of their career.

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We're looking for a wide diversity of brain capital!
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A great opportunity to show us your CV, Linkedin, Github, Behance, projects, startups, portfolios or blogs so we know a bit more about you! If you're having trouble finding experience or projects, don't sweat as we're looking to help you get started too!
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If you are planning to enter med_hack with a team of 4-6, please put down the full names of your team here.

If your team is from a single company, please tell us! 

Disclaimers: Please note we are unable to guarantee entry for entire teams as applicants will be assessed individually. We will give preference to those with a diverse team (multi-disciplinary). Make sure you are comfortable with working with other people before lodging this application.
Thank you so much for applying for med_hack. We're so excited to start this journey with you! 

We will get back to you within 5 working days, after which you will have 3 days to purchase tickets from our email. 

28-29th November 2016 | General Assembly, Melbourne

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